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A Swiss sense of social camaraderie and welcome fills the air at FOSI's Stammtisch Luncheons and other events. We come together to reconnect, to meet new people, to share reminiscences, and to hear talks from our distinguished speakers (see a list of our past speakers below). A lecture, a performance, a museum tour...these are a few of the reasons our Stammtisch gatherings draw us back, again and again. 

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Stammtisch with Larry Susskind/MIT

Kicking off our new Stammtisch Luncheon & Speaker Series: ‘Negotiating Our Way to a Better World’

Hampshire House, Boston
12:15 - 2:00
Tickets starting at $40

November 8, 2019 Annual Stratton Prize Dinner

December 12, 2019 Annual Roman Totenberg Stammtisch & Performer

February 13, 2020 Freddy Homburger Founders Stammtisch & Speaker

April, 2020 Annual Members Gathering and Business Meeting


Past FOSI Stammtisch Speakers...

April 4, 2019 Stammtisch
Speaker: The Honorable Marianne Bowler/ U.S. Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Boston

FOSI member and Federal Judge Marianne Bowler set her busy case load aside to honor us with an illuminating talk about a ‘day in the life of a Federal Judge’. With a track record of resolving issues ranging from discrimination to civil rights, environmental matters, intellectual property, complex business litigation, and even terrorism…it became clear how demeanor, tenacity, intellect, honesty, humanity, and toughness all play a role in the laudable accomplishments of Judge Bowler. This was an insightful and fascinating talk.

February 14, 2019 Stammtisch
Speaker: David Bishop, PhD, Director/CELL-MET Research Center
at Boston University

To honor the bioscientist/researcher side of FOSI founder Dr. Freddy Homburger, this gathering put the spotlight on advanced research on ‘synthesized heart tissue’ being led by David Bishop and the CELL-MET Research Center at BU. Dr. Bishop gave a fascinating presentation on the leading edge of cardiovascular medicine—at a place where nanotechnology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and 3D printing converge. This Stammtisch was hosted by 2009 Stratton Prize Laureate Douglas Sears, Vice President and Chief of Staff to the President of Boston University.

December 13, 2018 Freddy Homburger ‘Founder’ Stammtisch
Performers: Gabriela Martina, Vocals/with Mike Kaelin, Accordion

Each year, at FOSI’s holiday Stammtisch, we honor the late maestro violinist and 1992 Stratton Prize Laureate, Roman Totenberg, with music. This year we had a special treat: Swiss yodeling by award-winning singer, Gabriela Martina and her accompanist, Mike Kaelin (who also joined in the yodeling!). Gabriela has been yodeling since she was 4, growing up on her family’s farm near Luzern…and she has been incorporating yodel in her highly acclaimed jazz and soul recordings, including her newest work (still in process), an album honoring Grämliss, the farm on which it all began.

October 4, 2018 Stammtisch
Speaker: Christian Simm, Swiss Consul and CEO, swissnex Boston

FOSI’s 2018/2019 season kicked off with a Stammtisch at Boston’s classic Hampshire House and featured guest speaker Christian Simm, Consul and CEO of the swissnex Boston innovation consulate. Founder of swissnex San Francisco and recently moved to Boston, Dr. Simm answered questions as he related the mission and work of swissnex, occupying a unique, catalytic role in the convergence of Swiss and American arts, science, and technology.

April 12, 2018 Stammtisch
Speaker: Markus Ripperger, CEO, Hampshire House…

FOSI’s annual ‘business’ focused lunch featured Markus Ripperger, President, CEO, and Executive Chef of the Hampshire House Corporation. Markus shared the story of his career, from humble beginnings in Switzerland to his emergence as Master Chef and mastermind of Boston’s iconic ‘Cheers’, the Hampshire House, and the ’75’ group. A delightful lunch was held at the newest addition…the ’75 on Courthouse Square’, in Boston’s burgeoning Seaport District.

February 8, 2018 Stammtisch
Speaker, Professor Joe Brain, T H Chan Harvard School of Public Health…

February marks our annual ‘Founder’s Luncheon’, held in honor of FOSI founder Dr. Freddy Homburger, Physician, Bioscientist, and Artist. This year we were pleased to host our luncheon last the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and hear a special speaker and former colleague of Dr. Homburger, Professor Joe Brain. Professor Brain made a presentation about his research on life expectancy and talked about his work with ‘Freddy’ and other colleagues in the Swiss research and business community.

December 14, 2017 Stammtisch
Performance: Dr. Vera Rubin, Violinist…

At our annual Stammtisch honoring the late maestro and FOSI member Roman Totenberg, we were treated to a recital by violinist Vera Rubin, a Totenberg protégé, and her accompanist Yevgenia Semeina-Maroyan. The performance featured works by noted composers Charles de Beriot, Camille Saint Saens, and Fritz Kreisler, all graduates of the Paris Conservatory—known as the ’19th Century Cradle of the Violin’, and also the alma mater of Roman Totenberg.

November 15, 2017 Swiss Poster Exhibit
The Collection of Robert Bachelder at MassArt…

FOSI members and friends gathered for a private showing and talk at the President’s Gallery at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This event, sponsored both by FOSI and the UZH Boston Alumni Chapter, featured a stunning exhibit of Swiss Modern Posters, along with talks by the collector, Robert Bachelder, and Jim Lapides, Owner of Boston’s International Poster Gallery.

April 13, 2017 Stammtisch
Speaker: Consul Felix Moesner, swissnex Boston…

Swiss Consul Dr. Felix Moesner, CEO of the ‘swissnex Boston’ Science, Art, and Innovation Consulate joined us at our Downtown Harvard Club luncheon. A close ally and friend of FOSI, Dr. Moesner reminisced and shared experiences from his five years as Consul here in Boston. We especially  valued this time with Dr. Moesner, as his posting at swissnex Boston, and re-posting to swissnex Shanghai happened at the end of the summer.

February 16, 2017 Stammtisch
Speaker: Christopher Pullman, Yale School of Design…

Our luncheon audience had the good fortune to hear 2016 Stratton Laureate and celebrated graphic designer and educator Chris Pullman give a fascinating presentation titled ‘Everything you need to know about graphic design, you can learn from 6 Swiss posters’. The powerful influence of mid-century Swiss design resonated in these selected works from the 1930’s through the 1980’s, and Chris’s slides were the perfect complement to his talk at October’s 50th Stratton Prize Dinner celebrating the Swiss Style of graphic design.

December 8, 2016 Stammtisch
Performance: The ‘Redlich’ Clarinet Quartet…

FOSI’s annual musical Stammtisch, held in December to honor renowned violinist, teacher, past FOSI member, and winner of the 1992 Stratton Prize, Roman Totenberg, featured a delightful chamber concert. Marc Redlich, longtime FOSI President and Board member joined the Clarinet Quartet of the All Newton Music School, under the direction of Paulette Bowes, to play selections of Borodin, Cross, Bohn, and Kuhlau.

November 10, 2016 Stammtisch
Speaker: Dr. Kurt Fendt, MIT…

‘Digital Humanities, and its Roots at MIT’ was the topic of a talk by Dr. Kurt Fendt, who described the current day work of the Institute’s ‘Hyperstudio Digital Humanities’ program, of which he is Founder and Executive Director. The subject resonates with the FOSI audience, thanks to the role of inaugural FOSI Stratton Prize Laureate, Dr. Julius Adams Stratton, recognized in 1966 for his commitment to the Humanities as a guide for the development of Science and Technology at MIT.

October 21, 2016 Annual Stratton Award Dinner…

This year’s Stratton Dinner once again reminded us how rich the intercultural landscape between our two countries is. On a festive evening at Boston’s Hampshire House, FOSI’s 50th Annual Julius Adams Stratton Prize for Intercultural Achievement was deservedly awarded to legendary Swiss graphic designer and educator Armin Hofmann, and two American protégés, Chris Pullman and Philip Burton. This trio was recognized for their involvment in the development of the ‘Swiss Style’ of graphic design and its adoption here in the States. In addition, we were honored that evening to present FOSI’s 2016 Stratton Fellowship Grant to Jonathan Mekinda, author art historian, and Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

April 14, 2016 Stammtisch
Speaker: Michael Wüthrich, Vontobel Advisors…

Recent developments in the world of banking, and in the outlook for individuals looking to invest in Switzerland – from the U.S. – were discussed in an engaging talk by Michael Wüthrich, Senior Manager of Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors, headquartered in Zürich. Mr. Wüthrich and associate Veronika Kuenzler led a lively Q&A following their remarks.

February 11, 2016 Stammtisch
Speaker: Ambassador Martin Dahinden, Swiss Embassy, Washington, DC…

We had a delightful Stammtisch at the Uptown Harvard Club, with Swiss Ambassador Martin Dahinden as our featured speaker. It was illuminating to learn about Switzerland’s significant role in humanitarian issues on the world stage in a fascinating talk followed by a Q&A session.

December 10, 2015 Stammtisch
Performance: Gabriela Martina, jazz vocals…

Swiss jazz singer and recording artist Gabriela Martina brought her passion and improvisational talents to our Stammtisch table for a special treat, and a ‘jazzy welcome to the holidays’.

November 12, 2015 Stammtisch
Speaker: Eric Weissmann, Esq…

Renowned Hollywood attorney Eric Weissmann, Beverly Hills ‘2010 Entertainment Lawyer of the Year’ joined us to share his secrets of negotiation. It was an extremely interesting presentation, touching on a number of anecdotes involving Mr. Weissmann’s work with well-known writers, directors, and actors.

October 8, 2015 Stammtisch
Speaker: Professor Edward Monovich, MassArt…

To kick off our season, MassArt professor and interdisciplinary arts/ecology enthusiast Edward Monovich joined us to talk about ‘Science, Art, and the Remarkable Story of the Alpine Ibex’, involving a collaborative project focusing on the rescue from near-extinction the beloved Ibex.

May 8, 2015 Annual Stratton Award Dinner…

We gathered on this festive occasion to honor our newest Laureate, Renata von Tscharner, winner of the 2015 Stratton Prize for Intercultural Achievement. Mrs. von Tscharner is Founder and President of the Charles River Conservancy, an organization responsible for the stewardship, renewal, and enhancement of the parklands along the Charles River. Her work exemplifies the implementation of perspectives formed in her native Switzerland, but using decidedly American methods to achieve remarkable outcomes.

April 9, 2015 Stammtisch
Speaker: Alexander Bove, Esq…

Our Charles Mongan Memorial lunch, with a focus on business, featured internationally acclaimed Trusts and Estate Attorney Alexander A. Bove, who shared his observations on various banking and estate planning issues of the day. Mr. Bove earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Zürich Law School.

February 12, 2015 Stammtisch
Speaker: Dr. Lynette Roth, Harvard Art Museums…

February is our month to celebrate intercultural arts, at our annual Freddy and Regina Homburger Memorial luncheon. We were honored this year to have Dr. Lynette Roth, Daimler-Benz Curator of the Harvard’s Busch-Reisinger Museum, talk to us about the rich history of the museum and its collection of 20th century Swiss art…from Hodler to Paul Klee, Max Bill to Dieter Roth.

December 11, 2014 Stammtisch
Performance: Totenberg String Competition Winners…

Our classic Stammtisch luncheon room morphed into a recital hall, as we were treated to virtuoso violin and cello music, performed by the winners of the 2014 Roman Totenberg ‘Young Strings Competition’. As a special treat, Competition founder Dr. Vera Rubin, a celebrated violinist herself, shared her wonderful insights into the life and contributions of Roman Totenberg, FOSI’s 1992 Stratton Laureate.

November 13, 2014 Stammtisch
Speaker: Jim Lapides, International Poster Gallery…

Our field trip to Boston’s International Poster Gallery revealed the creative innovation and stunning beauty of Swiss posters…and the great contribution they made to this art form. Gallery Director Jim Lapides gave a fascinating talk and showcased an extraordinary collection of works. Our Stammtisch lunch nearby was especially lively and ‘gemuetlich’.

October 9, 2014 Stammtisch
Speaker: Professor Robert Allison, Suffolk University…

Chairman of the History Department at Suffolk University gave a most interesting talk about the evolution in 1848 of the Swiss Constitution, which was largely influenced by the US Constitution. Formerly, the government was a confederation, but evolved to the constitutional structure acknowledging the changes needed to govern a modern democracy.

June 6, 2014 Annual Stratton Award Dinner…

This year our Stratton Award recipient was Steven G. Hoch, Co-founder and Partner of Highmount Capital LLC, an investment and wealth management firm with offices in Boston, New York, Amsterdam and Zurich. As Chair of the American Swiss Foundation, Mr. Hoch has had significant influence on intercultural relations between our two countries, especially through the very successful annual Young Leaders Conference, a program which he initiated, and which now boasts over 1,000 alumni. Mr. Hoch is a Director of Nestlé S.A., Chairman of the American Swiss Foundation and a Trustee of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Swissnex Boston, and is a former director of the Swiss Society of New York.

April 10, 2014 Stammtisch
Speaker: Helene Paquin, Boston Restaurateur…

The owner of Bakey’s Restaurant in Boston’s Financial District, Helene Paquin, spoke to us at our annual Charles H. Mongan Memorial Business Luncheon. She shared with us her background in the hospitality industry during her long career in Switzerland and in the U.S.  Bakey’s recently closed its doors after 15 years in Boston’s Downtown Financial District. Ms. Paquin’sdescription of what it was like to establish and run this busy restaurant on a daily basis was of great interest to our members and their guests.

March 20, 2014 Stammtisch
Speaker: Carole Bolsey, Artist…

At our February Freddy and Regina Homberger Art luncheon, Carole Bolsey, a critically acclaimed Boston area artist known for the ‘dynamic energy and painterly expressiveness’ of her work, gave a talk about her Swiss heritage and artistic career, with a slide presentation of her most recent work.

December 12, 2013 Stammtisch
Performance: Catherine Liddell, Lutenist…

The Roman Totenberg Memorial Holiday Luncheon featured the performance of Catherine Liddell, a lutenist and member of the Handel and Haydn Society and Boston Baroque.  After her performance, she spoke about her activities and music studies in Basel. It was a very festive holiday Stammtisch.

November 14, 2013 Stammtisch
Speaker: Consul Friedrich Loehr…

Friedrich Loehr, former Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany to New England, gave a talk entitled “The Father, The Son and the Sacred System: Can North Korea be Reformed?” His talk was based upon his years as German Ambassador in Pyongyang, and resulted in a vibrant discussion.

October 13, 2013 Stammtisch
Speaker: Consuela Isaacson, Caritas Cubana…

Consuelo Isaacson spoke about the efforts of her organization, Caritas Cubana, to improve the lives of the people of Cuba.  The Swiss Government’s Embassy in Cuba represents the interests of the United States in that country.