The Friends of Switzerland...a FOSI overview

FOSI is a connector—or a re-connector, in some cases—for those who nurture a personal relationship with Switzerland, and a community for those who value cross-cultural learning and discovery.

The organization was established in 1964 as a Boston-based nonprofit educational and philanthropic organization. Our founders set out to promote intercultural efforts between the humanities and the sciences, acting on the premise that such interweaving of ‘different worlds’ benefits mankind in many ways. Since that time FOSI and its members—Americans who have studied, lived, or travelled in Switzerland, Swiss nationals living in the U.S., and people who feel a connection with the country’s unique multicultural democracy, heritage of innovation, and stunning geography—have supported and carried out this vision.

Today we are an active membership based organization dedicated to perpetuating the annual Stratton Prize for Intercultural Achievement and the Stratton Fellowship Grants, and to building a community of Swiss, Swiss-Americans, and Swiss interested people who share both a passion for learning and a sense of Swiss gemuetlichkeit and camaraderie.

Building community and carrying it forward. FOSI's next 50 years...

FOSI enters its next 50 years committed to identifying and recognizing intercultural achievers, knowing that these are times when such accomplishment is needed more than ever. 

We continue to nurture and support young intercultural achievers, providing Fellowship Grants across multiple disciplines. And we strive to provide, for our members and friends, enhanced 'relationship value' through an expanding range of events and gatherings. 

We encourage you to learn more about becoming part of the FOSI community, and joining us!


Building on our founding mission...

The mission so aptly described by FOSI’s founders guides us still this day:

…’To promote friendship and mutual goodwill between the U.S. and Switzerland and their peoples: to inform and educate each of the other’s history, culture, and customs; to encourage and assist in financing special studies or an interchange of scholars and receive gifts and legacies from any source whatever for this purpose.’


Did you know that since 2012 the Swiss Canton of Basel and Massachusetts have been official 'Sister States', a relationship formalized by then-Governor Jane Swift and Basel's Councillor Dr. Carlo Conti? Stratton Laureate Ralph Lewin (Basel) and Stratton Laureate  and long time FOSI President and Laureate Marc Redlich, Esq. were instrumental in events leading up to this agreement. Click here for more on this ongoing relationship.